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Today, August 6, 2020 Alexander Gerasimov, Director of IT and Cloud Technologies Department, JP Innovative, spoke at the ICCCN 2020 conference with a scientific publication:

Finding opportunities to monetize 5G services through the use of cross-domain orchestration of end-to-end network layers.

The introduction of 5G services implies the emergence and solution of new problems. Unlike all the discussed topic of allocating frequency resources, the issue of building new economic relationships between providers and computing systems operators is especially acute. This topic has become relevant after the release of the main 5G standard - release 16 3GPP in July 2020

J'son & Partners Consulting and Alexander as representative have submited at the international scientific conference IEEE" ICCCN 2020 "a study of the development of technical and economic principles of cross-domain orchestration of end-to-end network layers, which opens the way to the practical implementation of the principles of the digital economy necessary for the full 5G implementation.

Alexander with his publication got into the world library of knowledge in the field of communication standards research! An overview of the publication can be found in the weekly marketwatch at

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